10 Signs You Should Invest In Credibility

10 Signs You Should Invest In CredibilityPeople do business with people they trust. Whether it is insurance, real estate, financial advice you name it. That is why it is important to establish, maintain and build your credibility. Here are some warning signs that you may need to invest more time, energy and money in your credibility.

  1. 1. Your call volume is low
  2. 2. You would like to get more online quote requests
  3. 3. Your only source of business is personal referrals
  4. 4. You have no reviews or testimonials anywhere
  5. 5. Your website isn’t mobile responsive
  6. 6. You haven’t posted on Social Media in more than 4 weeks
  7. 7. You have less than 500 LinkedIn connections
  8. 8. You aren’t speaking at engagements or leading networking groups
  9. 9. You have less than 5 appointments per week with prospects
  10. 10. You lost a client this month

Do 3 or more of these items apply to you? The first step you can take to improving your credibility is signing up for Agent Review or upgrading your account if you already have one. Agent Review provides consumers unbiased advice on common forms of insurance and highlights local agents whose credentials have been independently verified.

Simply create a profile, thoroughly complete it, and reach out to your best clients for ratings and testimonials. This will increase your search appearance and the likelihood that new prospects will reach out to you based on your internet exposure.

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