3 Tips For Insurance Agents During Open Enrollment

3-tips-for-insurance-agents-during-open-enrollment-1Open enrollment is a big opportunity for Insurance Agents to maximize their existing clients while simultaneously gaining new ones. Obviously, it can be a highly competitive time so we have put together some tips that you can knock out in a short time to really make a difference and give you an edge.

  • Attend Community Events

When is the last time you attended a community event?  To make this year’s open enrollment productive for you, expand your presence within the local community.

Reach out to your chamber of commerce, senior centers and other local organizations to obtain a schedule of upcoming events.  Find the groups that you identify with the most and start attending events regularly.  Have some business cards with you (or least a digital business card app on your smartphone in case your run out).

  • Get On Microphone (Local Radio)

Radio represents a huge opportunity for insurance agents looking to connect with Baby Boomers.  Boomers spend the most time with radio each week, with an average of over 15 hours.  Setting up a weekly program or even a radio advertisement can help you increase awareness and establish additional professional credibility.  

Hosting a local Affordable Care Act (ACA) Q&A session is a great way to reach a large audience while providing your local community with much needed guidance at the same time.

  • Sign Up With Local Directories

Research local directories and inquire about getting listed.  Make it easy for prospects to find you by signing up for online and print directories.  Be sure to claim your zip code on Agent Review, complete your profile in its entirety and build your profile into your business.  Remember, 90% of consumers report that their buying decisions are influenced by their peers. That’s why reviews and testimonials are so much more helpful than simple ads. Make sure you are constantly building your testimonial and review portfolio online.

If you do these 3 things today you will stand out among the competition. Your existing clients will be impressed and prospects seeking an agent will have a greater likelihood of choosing you above the competition. Good luck!

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