Friday Frenzy: When Your 3-Year-Old Gets an Insurance Letter

A couple things about Friday’s. They can’t get here soon enough for most of who are shall we say conventionally employed and once they are here, they don’t stick around long enough.

Oh well.

As is our tradition, it’s time for the Friday Frenzy, a collection of all the news that was news this week across the insurance spectrum…

Batting leadoff is writer Jeff Vrabel in the Washington Post has a hysterical take on his 3-year-old getting a letter from The Insurance Company.

Potential retirees are wrestling more and more with the idea of staying in the workforce longer. Here are some things to consider if you are asked about this:

The possibility of consolidation among health insurance carriers has people all a-twitter. It’s way too complicated for me to explain…

Are technology investments worthwhile for agents and brokers?

A solid Q & A on senior insurance matters from

John Hancock Life has taken health incentives to a new, very positive, level…

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