Insurance Agents: How to Differentiate Yourself in a Crowded Market

businessman-481113_960_720Insurance is often a hard sell, and it’s not necessarily because your product is subpar. You can have the best product on the market, but it doesn’t do you much good if you can’t land the clients. The competition is particularly fierce within the insurance industry, so it’s incredibly important that you stand out. Here are some tips to help you differentiate yourself in a crowded market.

  • Use Multiple Mediums to Communicate Information: You want to provide your potential customers with information about your product, but you need to know where to do that. There are so many ways that we gather information nowadays, between websites, e-zines, social media, and more. It’s important to realize that in order to reach more people, you have to utilize more types of communication. Use all of these mediums to provide valuable information to your client base, and be sure to include information beyond that about your products, but about insurance in general. Post how-to guides for selecting insurance, or set up a question and answer with a knowledgeable professional or industry expert. This will give you and/or your company a sense of transparency; people want to buy from a party they feel is honest.
  • Market Locally: While there are certain products that are popular in special regions, you may be the only one in your local area selling some of these products. This can be a huge leg up for you, as people often want someone that understands local issues and regulations. Market yourself as a fellow citizen of the area, and be sure to point out that your office is nearby so anyone can stop in with questions.
  • Follow Up: The best clients are ones that you already have, so you want to be sure that you keep them, and better yet, get them talking about you and your business to earn referrals. Follow up with your clients every now and again, whether it’s a phone call or making a house call if that’s what they would prefer. An annual check-in is a minimum you should push for. This shows that you are dedicated to your clients, and that you are interested and available to help fill their insurance needs.
  • Design a Great Presentation: While all insurance agents need presentations, many may wing it and later end up unprepared. Design a presentation that you can use in every situation, so that you will be better prepared in the long run and ensure that you have included all the essential information people need to make their decision.

With the variety of insurance options around, there are numerous insurance agents that you’re competing with for business, even within the same company sometimes. Follow these steps to ensure that you stand out from the crowd, so people can see that you are the best person for their business.

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