An Insurance Agent’s Guide to Yelp


Now that you have claimed your business on Yelp, your next step should be to strengthen your profile as much as possible. Fill it out with up-to-date contact information and business hours, general details about your business, and a designated category for relevant searches.

Uploading high-quality photos is an important step in filling out your Yelp profile. It’s best to avoid using stock photos from the internet because these can come across as tacky and disingenuous. You want customers to get to know you and your insurance company, so the photos should be relevant and real. You should include high-quality portrait-type photos of yourself and your team, plus some pictures of your office and areas where you work with clients. Also, if your clients permit, it would be very beneficial to take pictures of you working together. These types of photos give a bit more context of what the mood is like when clients work with you.

Once your Yelp profile is complete with these items, you’ll still need to check in every now and again. On an ongoing basis, it’s important that you always keep your business profile up-to-date. You will need to update it as you expand or make changes at your insurance company in order to keep your customers in the loop. By regularly checking your Yelp profile, you can also stay on top of unsavory reviews.

Set up your email notifications within Yelp so that you can engage with your clients on the platform, especially if they leave negative reviews. It’s important to address negative reviews to protect your reputation and show that you care about your customer’s needs. Use Yelp’s features to post a public comment, so that potential clients can see what you’ve done to resolve the issue. In responding to negative reviews, do so in a timely manner, avoid excuses or over-explanation, and ideally, provide a solution for the problem. Solutions could include better support with methods such as responding to claims or improved hiring practices to ensure professionalism in your office’s communication with clients.

At the end of the day, try to view a negative review as a way to improve the way you manage your business. Your responses should be a professional representation of your business.

How to Improve Rank on Yelp

In addition to creating a strong profile and engaging with customers, there are other things you can do to improve your ranking on Yelp, which boosts your business’ visibility in search. Some SEO tricks to make your profile more visible include:

  • •Choose the right category for your business on Yelp
  • •Make a list of keywords that are relevant to the insurance products you sell. For example, if you specialize in auto insurance some keywords you might use are: car, insurance, vehicle, protection, collision, auto, quotes, or motorcycle.
  • •You can combine keywords to make a search phrase you think someone might use. Someone looking for insurance coverage for a motorcycle may search “motorcycle insurance quotes” or “motorcycle collision protection”, for example.
  • •Use the keywords that offer you the best chances of ranking for (ones that aren’t at the top of the list for competitiveness).
  • •Update the “Specialities” section in Yelp with your keywords and avoid keyword stuffing.
  • •Get reviews that include your keywords to help improve your rank for those search terms. For example, let’s say that same motorcyclist who searched for insurance decided to buy a policy from you. Their review may start with something like, “I found this company while looking for motorcycle insurance quotes…” In this way, they share their experience while using one of your keyword phrases.

In addition to reviews and SEO tricks, you could pay for advertising on Yelp. With Yelp advertising, your business will be featured to a targeted local market, receive premium placement on pages, and receive promotion across all device platforms. Before purchasing advertising from Yelp, however, it’s important to have a quality page for customers to visit after seeing the ads. Beyond the tricks we’ve mentioned to complete your Yelp profile, a solid base of positive reviews is really beneficial to your business’ success on Yelp — whether you’re paying for ads or not.

Tips to Get Yelp Reviews

According to Yelp’s policy, you shouldn’t ask for reviews and it’s against their Terms of Service to incentivize or pay for good reviews. However, there are ways to encourage your clients to give you reviews on Yelp without explicitly asking for them. Here are some ways to get your customers to write reviews about your business:

  • •Announce that you’re on Yelp. Instead of asking them to write a review, simply put “Check out my company on Yelp” on your website, business cards, social media networks and other avenues. If you link the phrase or put it on a clickable button, clients can more easily access your Yelp profile, and are more likely to leave a review.
  • •Use Yelp badges. Yelp offers review “badges” to include on your company’s website, which shows how many reviews or stars you have and allows people to click in order to redirect them to your Yelp profile to leave a review.
  • •Use signage. If you have a storefront, you can include signs in the window that tell your customers you are on Yelp. There are also “People Love Us on Yelp” stickers to showcase as well. You earn the sticker based on your history and ratings on Yelp, so if your company earns a sticker, put it up to proudly show that people love your service.
  • •Include links in your business emails. In your email signature, along with your contact information, you can include “check out my Yelp page” with a hyperlink to your Yelp page.
  • Ask the right way. There’s a fine line with asking for reviews because you don’t want to come off as bribing people to give a review, and again, it’s against Yelp’s Terms of Service. Offering a discount on insurance products is a direct incentive, so that’s probably not a good idea. However, if a client really liked your service and wants to know how to support your good work, ask them to consider writing a review. An in-person suggestion is best.

As a final tip, ask reviewers to be as specific as possible. Suggest that they talk about the insurance product(s) they have in their policy or that they share something about your company that made their experience better.


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