New Consumer Survival Guide Created By Senior Care Advocate, Chris Orestis, Co-Branded Edition Exclusively Offered By Agent Review For Insurance Agents Nationwide


BELLEVUE, Wash., Aug. 2, 2016 /PRNewswire/ — Agent Review (, the nation’s only online platform that features information on different types of insurance, why and when one might need them, and provides the ability for consumers to search and review local agents, today announced a collaboration with Life Care Funding to provide a guide that supports resources and information on long term care planning. Agent Review is exclusively offering a co-branded version of Life Care Funding CEO, Chris Orestis’ new guide, “A Survival Guide to Aging.” Agent Review subscribers will be able to obtain a generic or a co-branded version that will showcase an agents contact information and place their name in the guides Forward, creating a unique agent marketing and educational resource.

“Agent Review is extremely excited about working with one of the nation’s premier senior care advocates, Chris Orestis,” said Agent Review CEO, Jonas Roeser.  Having the proper guidance and education is key to forming a long-term care plan or in this case navigating ones senior year decisions. “This guide is a win-win for insurance agents and today’s seniors, a quality educational resource that serves two communities,” Roeser continued.

The guide provides questions and answers to topics that are on the minds of today’s seniors; some examples are:

1. Do I want to remain at home as long as possible, go into assisted living or a nursing home?
2. Have I financially prepared properly, via savings or insurance products to support my retirement?
3. Am I living as healthy as I thought?

“My goal was to create a guide that contained all the resources that one would need in order to be informed and make the proper decisions.  I wanted seniors spending their time reading the guide, verses searching for information on the Internet for days,” said Orestis.

Insurance agents are encouraged to join a webinar hosted by Orestis to learn more about the guide, co-branding opportunities and ways it can be used as a lead generation offer. Register at this link

About Agent Review

Agent Review’s platform is built on three core consumer principles: Education, Search and Assessment. Agent Review provides non-biased Education for consumers looking for information on insurance products, while offering the ability to Search for a local insurance agent. Consumers have the opportunity to Assess their agent experience through rating features to help others make informed decisions. Agent Review has two core value propositions for agents: Visibility and Credibility.  An agent’s visibility is raised through internal and external search engine optimization. Having their profile independently verified enhances their Credibility. Agent Review has more than 250,000 subscribers and was voted one of the “Six Most Innovative Products of 2015″ by LifeHealthPro. For more information, visit

About Chris Orestis and Life Care Funding

Chris Orestis, CSA is CEO of Life Care Funding and a senior care advocate.  He has spent years working across this country to find ways to increase access to long-term care. His mission is to help improve the lives of seniors and their families.  In his earlier career he was a lobbyist in Washington, D.C., where he worked on healthcare reform and long-term care. In 2007 he Co-Founded LifeCare Funding. Over the years LifeCare Funding has grown to work with families across the United States helping them afford the costs of long-term care by converting a life insurance policy into a tax-free Long Term Care Benefit Plan. Chris has testified before numerous state legislatures and governmental bodies and has given countless speeches around the country about improving access to long-term care.  He is the author of “Help on the Way” and “A Survival Guide to Aging”, contributed to the Congressional Commission on Long Term Care, has been featured in news stories in the New York Times, Wall Street Journal,USA Today, Kiplinger’s, Woman’s World Magazine, on TV and on radio programs across the country. For more information, / 888-670-7773.

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