Protect Your Clients American Dream — With LTC

In our first blog, I talked about where LTC was headed in the aftermath of the ILTCI meeting in San Antonio.

Today, I have an idea for a conversation starter for you and your clients to help them understand just how deep in they are.

Is your retirement plan insured? Have you taken steps to protect your own personal American Dream?

Boiled down the American Dream is simple and a process – wealth accumulation — that most working folks engage in. The details vary, but it’s about making certain that funds are available to allow continuing to live a lifestyle we’re comfortable with.

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Why Risk Management May Be In The Future For You

In a time when more and more agents seem reluctant to engage clients about Long Term Care, we are suggesting a more relaxed approach using Rick Management principles as an approach.

Imagine sitting on a plane; you turn to the passenger next to you and ask what they do. The nightmare scenario is that they tell you they sell life insurance. At that point, you grab your book and hope the flight passes quickly.

However, if that passenger told you he/she was a Risk Management specialist, you would be intrigued, right? This premise sets up a low-stress conversation that is designed to get the client leaning in.

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Want to be a Moneymaker? Here’s How

More they told Brian Appleton. We want more.

After the success of his online project, Appleton said he was getting a high level of response from agents wanting more.

“After doing the Insurance Agent Summit to thousands of agents around the world I had an outpouring of them reach out to me saying they wanted more,” Appleton explained. “ I realized that agents wanted to continue to learn from the best and go behind the scenes to dive deeper into their business and learn what makes them successful.”

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Friday Frenzy: When Your 3-Year-Old Gets an Insurance Letter

A couple things about Friday’s. They can’t get here soon enough for most of who are shall we say conventionally employed and once they are here, they don’t stick around long enough.

Oh well.

As is our tradition, it’s time for the Friday Frenzy, a collection of all the news that was news this week across the insurance spectrum…

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Agent Summit a Hit; Part II on the Way Soon

As we head toward the weekend, the final days of the  are approaching as well. The event – which has been attended by more than 3,500 agents. And it gets better.

“The response has been so overwhelming from agents and industry professionals reaching out and wanting more, so we are launching the second version of the summit this coming winter,” event host Brian Appleton said. “It will be bigger and better than ever.” The event continues until April 19. You can get access at . The response from industry professionals has been as strong as the attendance.

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Sales Success? Make Certain They Know You Care

“They won’t Care How Much You Know Until They Know How Much You Care”

That quote from former President Theodore Roosevelt was one of the earliest things my first mentor as a sales manager stressed 25 years ago. He was convinced – and he panned out to be right dozens of times over the years – that your expertise means a lot less to potential clients than a clear sense that you had their best interests at heart.

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Medicaid II — How Much Do You Know?

If you deal with Long Term Care, you may think you know Medicaid. But slow down and ask yourself how much you really know – particularly since almost any LTC discussion includes that particular state’s LTC partnership criteria as well.

In the second  of two pieces on Medicaid, we’ll look at Income, Transfer of Assets and Avoiding Spousal Impoverishment today. As stated before, it can be dry and tedious, but your clients need to be aware of how it works and that means you have to know as well.

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Friday Frenzy: Maybe it’s Time for Serious LTC Education

A lot has been said and written about the Long Term Care industry and where it’s going.

Industry titan Genworth – by its own admission on earnings call in February – is putting all its energy and resources into righting its LTC ship. John Hancock just created and distributed a 12 page tome that declares that LTC is an industry in transition and asserts that Hancock is leading the way through the transition – with a product containing more moving parts than the space shuttle.

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