Time To Move DI Conversation to the Forefront

Is Disability Insurance part of your product portfolio?

If not, you might want to ask yourself why.

Disability Insurance Awareness Month begins on May 1 and as you can expect, it’s now everywhere. So ask yourself why you don’t have it (I’m betting you don’t) and why you’re not more versed about the product so you can help more clients.

The carriers are working to get in front of more people. Mutual of Omaha just introduced a new product called Priority Income Protection. It’s designed to simplify the process and make it easier to talk to more potential clients.

Priority Income Protection is simpler than many other disability insurance products on the market. Applications do not require a medical exam or information from a health care provider. Customers just answer a few health questions to determine eligibility and all occupations can qualify.

Not having DI creates a bigger hole that most people think. It is offered through some employers but is an under-utilized benefit. And it rarely spoken of when neighborhood insurance agents are conducting annual or semi-annual reviews for clients.

Call your wholesaler or carrier rep and ask for materials on their best DI carrier. Spend a few minutes and review if so that you can start asking clients about it tomorrow. It will help you both.

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