Top Marketing Ideas for Insurance Agents in 2017

business-card-2056019_960_720When you’re in the insurance industry, marketing can be a key component of your success (or lack thereof). That’s why insurance agents need to stay up-to-date on current marketing trends, as well as what is proven to be successful for others in marketing-critical industries.

Keep your data fresh. Every year, people that you’ve worked with move out of state, pass away, or ask to be removed from your mailing list. If you aren’t already doing so, make a point of cleaning up your contacts, leads, and other lists of clients or potential clients. While it may feel good to have a massive list of people receiving newsletters, particularly if you’re spending money on physical items, like postcards, you only want to have real, valid leads and contacts. Returned letters are a waste of your marketing resources. It’s far better to have a shorter list of real prospective clients and leads.

Know and build on your brand. You need to develop a personal brand, in addition to the brands of insurance that you offer your clients. Once you do so, any and all marketing efforts should represent your brand accurately. That means culturing a similar tone and aesthetic to all forms of marketing and communication. From blog posts to social media updates and marketing emails, you want to have a standard look, sound, and feel to your interactions on behalf of your business. The more distinctive your brand, the more memorable and effective your marketing can be.

Be willing to pay for social media exposure. If you have a post on Instagram, Snapchat, or Facebook that is performing particularly well, it can be incredibly beneficial to spend a few dollars (or more) to boost your post and extend it’s reach. By paying for post promotion, you reach more potential clients and help build a valuable network on your various social media platforms. If people begin engaging with your content, they are more likely to be open to your more overt marketing efforts at a later time.

Make the most of your marketing and update emails. When you send your monthly newsletter, an update about new insurance products you’re offering, or a marketing email, you need them to make an impact. You don’t want them deleted, unopened. There are certain ways to improve the effectiveness of your emails. Personalize the name of the sending email. You don’t want to show up as “DO NOT REPLY” in someone’s inbox. That’s a sure sign of spam. Instead, it should read something related to your brand, such as “Agency X Customer Care Team.” Make sure that your subject lines are engaging and interesting. They should also accurately reflect the content. Embedded videos in emails, small giveaways (for items like gift cards to a local restaurant or golf course), and other attention-grabbing features should be announced in the subject line. Basically, you want to show those receiving your emails exactly what benefit they will receive if they open and read your email.

Engage in data analysis. You should be tracking as much as you can about your emails, including the rate of success for calls to action, polls, and embedded links to your site. Are people actually viewing that humorous insurance video you sent? Tracking and reviewing these kinds of data can help your company fine-tune future marketing efforts based on what is working best at reaching your client base and potential clients. The more data you collect, the better and more precise you can be in future marketing efforts.

Consider marketing automation. Automation of certain marketing features can help improve the overall success and efficiency of your marketing efforts. You may also consider outsourcing some of this work to an outside professional that can help. A little extra marketing know-how can go a long way toward building your client base.

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