Webinar Training + Co-Branded Guide = Consumer Awareness & Leads

Agent Review is hosting a webinar that is providing free training as well as a complimentary copy of a consumer guide to support your sales and lead generation. At Agent Review, we know that seniors want to be well informed and remain financially independent. That is why we have partnered with Chris Orestis to offer, “A Survival Guide to Aging” which offers several tools to help seniors accomplish this goal. It is designed to be a valuable marketing tool for agents like you.

AR_ebook-front-back-both2Register here to reserve your place in the free training webinar as well as your copy of the guide. The training will teach you how to position, market, and grow your brand with this valuable marketing product.

All Professional and Verified Agent Review subscribers will be able to obtain a version of the guide that will showcase their personalized contact information and place their name in the guide’s Forward. This will create a unique agent marketing and educational resource. Some examples of the questions that the guide will answer for the senior market are:

  1. 1. Do I want to remain at home as long as possible or go to assisted living or a nursing home?
  2. 2. Have I financially prepared properly, via savings or insurance products to support my retirement?
  3. 3. Am I living as healthy as I think I am?

Here is some of what to expect during the webinar:

  1. 1. 5 quick steps for you to position your branded version of this ebook to support generating leads and strategic partnerships. Don’t be scared, it’s easy!
  2. 2. You will learn the ins and outs of the Long Term Care Benefit Plan including the mandatory disclosure laws being introduced across the country and how to add this option to your practice.
  3. 3. You will learn how a Long Term Care Benefit Plan is considered a tax-free source of funds for long term care services and how it is a Medicaid qualified spend-down.

Sign up here and join your peers in learning about various products, resources and maximizing the eguide as a marketing and lead generation offer. After you register, don’t forget to sign up on Agent Review.  You can join for free or utilize our top membership as a Verified Agent

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