Why Digital Business Cards Matter For Insurance Agents And What Agent Review Is Doing About It.

Inigo Blog GraphicAnyone who has ever done business knows how important relationships are. One of the most common ways that professional relationships have started throughout the history of business has been through the exchange of business cards. Although we do not expect you to abandon the trusty business card, we do suggest having a backup available on the one device you always have with you… your phone.

In the age of the internet, where information is at our fingertips, how can we make ourselves more accessible when opportunity knocks?

The answer is that it’s time to go digital and that’s why Agent Review has partnered with Inigo. Agent Review members can capitalize on all of the benefits of a digital business card and increase their conversions starting now…

What are the benefits of digital business cards?

No need for paper and the limited capacity to hold information. 

One challenge with paper business cards is that there is a limited amount of space for information. This problem is totally eliminated by using a digital card.

Don’t look silly when you have forgotten your business cards.

We all know what it’s like when a prospect asks for a business card and we have to awkwardly reply that we forgot them. With digital cards, as long as you have your phone you have your card.

Send to any device regardless of whether they have the application.

One of the main reasons why other digital business card applications have failed is because they have required all parties to have the application in order to view the card. Not with our solution; you can share your card with anyone and they can view it regardless of whether they have the app.

The information is clickable.

Do you have a website, phone number or email address on your business card? Wouldn’t you like for your prospects to be able to click to call your number or click your email address without having to type it in?

Never forget about an introduction again

As professionals, we get so many business cards that it is often hard to keep track of each card. It’s even more difficult to remember all of the new people that we meet on a week to week basis. Digital cards save all of the contact information for anyone new that you meet.

Increase the amount of times your card is viewed

Our digital cards average 4 views per share. This is way more than a traditional card which has an 88% chance of being thrown out. The app will notify you who viewed your card and when.  This means more conversions for you.

Sign up today for an Agent Review Profile. All membership levels gain access to the digital business card.

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